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In Southern Ca, our yards & exteriors welcome and entertain guests throughout the year and provide the curb appeal to generate intrinsic value of our home's worth.  These outdoor spaces are extensions of our living spaces.  Driving up to a carefully planned and manicured yard represents a pride of "home".  While spirited Summer days in the pool turns to cozy escapes in the Fall & Winter months.  Maximizing these existing yard spaces must sincerely consider an Owner's need for entertaining space when building backyard entertaining spaces. Here, at McKernan Construction, we value creating spaces that are inwardly and outwardly beautiful as the people that trust our work & value our collaboration.  It is our sincere interest to cover our client's needs full-circle.

Exteriors & Yards

• Decks & Balconies

• Gazebos

• Shades & Awning

• Landscaping

• Water Features

• Outdoor Bars

• Handscapes & Entries

• Walways

• Pools

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